Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Organize your office, your home, your life!

Have you ever found that when your desk or workspace looks busy or overwhelming, you feel busy or overwhelmed? 

Sharon McRill has a three step road map to help reduce clutter and increase organization and efficiency. Recently I interviewed Sharon on my radio show Conversations with Charmaine, you can listen here:
Sharon's three step process is called the HOT, MEDIUM, COLD system, a system to organize your tasks, paperwork and desk:
  • HOT- all tasks or responsibilities that are urgent and must be done in the next 24 hours. Place these on the left side of your desk.
  • MEDIUM- tasks and responsibilities that are important but not urgent, can be done sometime in the next week.
  • COLD- your wish list or rainy day pile. Schedule time once a week to work on these tasks.
Begin with the end vision in do you want your office space, your desk to look and then create the road map to organization using the above three step process. Where else could you apply this strategy at work or at home?

Sharon McRill is founder and president of The Betty Brigade, an expanding personal assistance and concierge company based in Ann Arbor, MI. The Betty Brigade helps busy professionals with moving, home staging, organizing, event planning, pet care, errands – virtually anything clients need done but have no time to do themselves. Laid off from a corporate marketing job in 2003, McRill turned joblessness into an opportunity in the midst of an ailing economy. As a busy professional herself, she’d fantasized about having a personal assistant. Thus was born the business concept, which grew into “The Betty Brigade.”

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