Friday, August 3, 2012

Coaching in the Workplace

There is an increase in the number of workplaces that build coaching and mentoring into their employee performance management and training programs, and their employee family assistance program benefits package. This has significant benefits for the workplace.

I have had my own company for more than 15 years, and during that time I have had many mentors, and coaches. Investing in my professional and personal development has always been a priority for me, and our business.

Christy Whitman, a NYT best selling author, coach and founder of the Quantum Success Coaching Academy (TM) said there is a high ROI for professionals that access coaching.  Stress is reduced, employees are happier, productivity goes up, and workplace relationships are strengthened. As well, employees are typically more focused, which reduces safety incidents and mistakes. Christy was a guest on  my Radio Show- Conversations with Charmaine, you  can listen here:

Fear or negativity (e.g. controlling, competitiveness, drama queens, monopolizing behaviour), a challenge for many workplaces and teams, takes the team out of alignment. When team shift from fear or an attitude of lack, to an attitude of abundance, the team is better able to focus on solutions, not problems. Christy explained that beliefs are really just thoughts that are repeated. To shift the team (and results) we may have to shift the beliefs that exist in the team.

Some tips to get your team back on track and in alignment is to:

a) focus on solutions, not problems or blame
b) move from complaining to collaborating
c) resolve issues or let go of what is getting in the way
d) shift thinking from past to present
e) focus on what could work instead of what is not working
f) focus on opportunities not obstacles
g) coaches can help move beyond the barriers that get in the way of success

To hear more about Christy's perspective on shifting teams to get back on track, listen to:

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