Tuesday, July 10, 2012

One Degree ... Can Change your Results!

Sometimes it is the smallest adjustments or actions that yield the biggest results. Have you ever noticed that?

As a speaker and team facilitator I see that all the time. Slight adjustments in how the team members function and contribute can result in massive and positive outcomes.  The book 212 Degrees is based on the analogy that with water, one extra degree in temperature can turn boiling water to steam. It is a metaphor that can apply to how we live our life, and the effort we put in to our personal relationships, teamwork, business, community service, etc. The book reminds us that our seemingly small actions can make a big difference in our results. It provides reminders about stopping the search for the quick fix, and to put effort and focus into our work. It provides wonderful quotes and examples about focus, leadership, effort, commitment, service and more. The book is accompanied by a short video, less than 4 minutes, which is motivational and educational at the same time. A great resource for leaders and teams. This is one of my favorite DVDs for team building and leadership training.

A few examples of little shifts that produce BIG outcomes....

- saying good morning (greetings in the workplace)
- recognition (that is timely and sincere)
- connecting people with their passion
- admitting and owning mistakes

I remember one team that called me in to facilitate team building and developing a team charter. The tension in this team was evident... the strained smiles, sarcasm, and non verbal communication was a subtle as a sledgehammer!  After the first workshop the team stepped into action by: greeting one another, taking a coffee break and communicating without distraction (e.g. not talking to colleague while typing on computer). The difference in two weeks was incredible. The tension was noticeably lower and the degree of sincerity was obvious with more genuine laughter and mindfulness.  Little shifts can produce big results!

What are some of the little shifts that produced big results in your team?  What changed as a result?
How do you keep that momentum going?