Saturday, June 23, 2012

I Wish I'd Known That....

I Wish I'd Known That! Secrets to Success in Business is the title of Beth Caldwell's book, and something most leaders and business owners have said... I wish I'd known that. 

I had the opportunity to interview Beth on a recent radio show, Conversations with Charmaine, you can listen here:

Beth owns her own public relations firm in Pittsburgh, PA and has won several awards.  She suggested that there are several secrets to success in business and leadership: hire right, have goals and be prepared for a crisis. 

Hire right:  most leaders and business owners can reflect upon a time they did not hire right.  The impacts can be pretty catastrophic (decreased morale, business interruptions, productivity issues, personnel issues, and the list goes on).  Beth suggested that you hire slow and fire fast.  One very interesting interview technique she suggested is having a group interview (for example have 5-20 people who have applied for the specific job attend as a group).  This type of interview environment starts to show true colours pretty quick, and provides the business owner and leader the opportunity to see how the individuals carry themselves, how they communicate with others, team dynamics, and their confidence.  One exercise is to have the interviewees go around and introduce themselves and have them each say something about themselves.    Once you hire right, then make sure you train and retain.  Ensure you create role clarity and value your team.  Empower the team to make decisions, and to own the responsibility for their choices and actions.  This has a profound impact on morale, team relations, and movement toward team goals!

Goal setting is essential, in teams, and even in our families, advised Beth.  We talked about having goals for our pets, and when the family is involved, it becomes a family goal - which builds trust, consistency and predictability.

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To learn more about Beth's book, a recommended reading for business owners, entrepreneurs and leaders: