Wednesday, June 13, 2012

7 ways to make goals stick

Goals can be easier to set than to accomplish. I loved the SMART method of goal setting and decided to build my own steps for SMARTER Goals. These are based on the work I do with teams in strategic planning and team building processes. 
1. S- Set the intention- get clear on the goals, think about what success looks like, then make a decision to take the necessary action to succeed.

2. M- Map out the plan- clearly outline the plan, action steps, accountability partners, and the resources needed.

3. A- Ask for help- Have an accountability partner or team, and ask for help when needed.

4. R- Retrain the brain- keep focused on goals and use success language. Avoid being distracted by the BSO's (bright shiny objects) that take you off course and away from the goals and plan.

5. T- Take the Step and Tell Others- When you act, and include others, it creates a sense of synergy and mutual support. Take three steps a day to the goals and you will see a lot of success quickly.

6. E- Educate and Evaluate- Make sure you have the information you need to succeed. Then evaluate your progress. Celebrate successes and wins along the way. Monitor your actions and the results regularly. Modify the plan as needed.

7. R- Review and Learn and Repeat- Review and Learn, then modify and repeat.

What have you found works for goal setting?  How do you adjust the plan when you get off course?  What approaches do you find work well at engaging the team?