Monday, May 14, 2012

Your Leadership GPS- leading with success

A few weeks ago I had the privilege of speaking amongst a great line up of speakers, including: Michele Bailey, Blazing THE Agency, Jessica Jackley co-founder of, Denise Leclair, Bedouin Beats Ltd, Tara Kelly, SPLICE Software, and Cidnee Stephen, Strategies for Success. Each of the speakers brought rich content and value to the event, and the incredible business women that attended!

Your Leadership GPS was the topic I was speaking on, a topic that I am most passionate about, and one that is essential for business owners. "Leadership is a decision, not a position" is a statement by an author I respect, David Irvine. He has a valuable perspective on leadership, building trust, and developing authentic leadership skills. I also spoke about some of the qualities of great leaders, such as leadership maturity, humility, the ability to forgive and to ask for help. Reminding the audience that "it doesn't have to be perfect, it just has to be possible" is a message I love to share, especially since I am a recovering perfectionist. As a leader, your results will give you a pretty good idea of your mindset and your leadership blueprint.

Some tips to enhancing your leadership GPS:

- create a mindset of success
- develop affirmations that are congruent with the type of leader you wish to be
- know your working style and how to work with other's whose style is different from yours
- have the courageous dialogues (the conversations that matter most and are mostly avoided)
- develop your ASK skills
- learn to forgive (self and others)
- systematize what you do

We talked about the importance of mindset, and setting your intention for the day, which is what I call "Framing Your Day". The video I enjoy sharing is titled Jessica's Affirmations, you can watch it here,

Framing your Day is making an intentional decision of how you intend to
show up in the world, what leadership you will demonstrate and how
you intend your day will go.

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