Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Bounce Forward Basics

What are the basics to Bouncing Forward? I was asked on a motivational radio show interview.  What a great question, because in many ways Bouncing Forward is about getting back to basics. In fact, bouncing forward is not rocket science…it involves a mindset and intentional actions (and most of the actions are not news to us).  The basics are:

- eating healthy, sleeping enough, exercising daily, and fresh air)
      - Hanging around positive people
      -  Prioritizing your day
      - Not carrying anger, regret and unresolved issues with you…let them go!
      - Putting a stop to self blame and self limiting thoughts and beliefs about yourself
     -  Stop being a perfectionist
    -  Manage what gets in the way
     - And laugh lots and smile whenever you can!

These are the basics… like I said there is likely nothing there you haven’t heard. The challenge is managing the distance between the knowing (what you should do) and the doing.  A few other tips are to:
  •        ASK
    •        Ask for what you need
    •        Speak using Courageous Dialogue
    •        Kindness
As life happens, remember to Get Back to Basics and ASK to Bounce Forward.
To order your copy of Bounce Forward, contact Hammond International Inc. at chris.alcock@hammondgroup.biz (www.hammondgroup.biz)for your signed copy.  And… Bounce Forward will soon be available in audio!