Tuesday, May 8, 2012

What’s Your Leadership GPS?

At a recent Alberta Women Entrepreneurs Conference (AWE) I was speaking on the topic of Leadership GPS. My presentation included three distinct topics: understanding your strengths, knowing your leadership style, and getting out of your way (and capitalizing on your strengths).

In this workshop I defined Leadership GPS as Goals, Plans of Action and Success Indicators.

Some of the qualities in exceptional leaders include:
  • Knowing your strengths and how to use them to help grow your business and advance your team
  • Understanding that one’s strengths can become a deficit or challenge if you are not mindful and present
  • Confident, clear communicators
  • Have empathy
  • Are able to say no, can make decisions and stand by them
  • Strong leaders can forgive themselves and move forward, they are resilient
  • They decide in advance (intentionally) how they want to show up in the world and as a leader (I call this framing your day)
  • When the day goes off track, strong leaders are able to reframe their day and move forward
  • They know their leadership style and adapt it to work more effectively with other
  • They can ASK for help
Some of the many questions that came up in the round table discussions following the presentation were about a) giving up some “control”, b) work life balance, c) difficult conversations, d) building a team. In the coming blogs, I’ll focus on the answers to these questions.
When you think of a strong leader, what are the qualities that come to mind for you?