Thursday, May 3, 2012

Full On Service - What Does it Mean?

This is one of the questions I ask the audience when I present on the topic of Working with Passion & Purpose. I am always intrigued by the answers this question stirs up. Recently, here is how an audience answered that question:
Being Full On in Service to Others:
  •        Energized
  •        Fully present
  •        Coming from a place of giving (without expectation)5 ways / 5 actions to be more passionate and purposeful at work:
  •        Smile
  •        RAK (random acts of kindness)
  •        Laughter
  •        Connections
  •        Acknowledgement

     When we discussed what the purposeful passionate team demonstrates in terms of qualities and attributes, this was the response:
  •        Fun
  •     Great team work
  •        Collaborative
  •        Sense of Freedom
  •        Compassionate
  •        Feel useful
  •        Supportive
  •        Determined
  •        Successful

Being purposeful, passionate and present is not always easy; in fact, it can take work and energy. However, I know that not being present, purposeful and passionate is a lot more work. Often when you are not present, mistakes are made which require a mulligan (a do-over).  I am of the mindset why do something twice, when it only needs to be done once? 
Here are a few ways to be present, purposeful and passionate:
  •        Frame your day- decide in advance how you will show up. Make a conscious decision about how you want your day to go.
  •       Start your day with gratitude by identifying (and stating) one thing you are grateful for.
  •        Ensure you nurture your health and well being.
  •        Slow your pace, just a little bit.
  •       Take time to breathe properly.
  •        Keep your work space a little less busy or cluttered.
  •       Remove distractions when you are trying to focus.
  •        End your day with gratitude.

When you show up purposeful and present, it is much easier to tackle whatever comes your way as life happens.