Saturday, May 19, 2012

From Six Dollars to Six Figures!

When April Morris heard the words “your annual raise is fifty cents per hour” her life was changed forever. She immediately went into action to find a way to a better lifestyle and began studying millionaires. She read more than 80 books about business and went from $6 per hour to earning six figures in business! From studying successful business owners and leaders, April discovered that they had similar success markers. She learned the art of viral marketing starting first with her direct sphere of influence (friends, family, colleagues, community members, etc.) and had a launch party for her product Thin Gloss. And, she ASKed for leads and referrals. The key here is that she was very specific and focused in her ask for the referral (you can hear an example in the recording below).

April stressed the importance of always giving clients and prospects value, and being innovative. One example of this is to survey your clients needs. Ask the clients what they like and what they’d like to change about your product or service, or what their biggest struggle is. Then ensure that your product or service addresses the needs.  

Many of you have heard about the television show The Shark Tank (which I love to watch), April was on the show in April 2010. She talked about the surprising learnings from the experience, and what changes she made immediately to her business model, web page, and offering a bonus with her product. This dramatically increased her sales.

You can listen here:

“Be open to change” said April, the types and approaches in marketing have changed a lot, and leaders and businesses must be open to doing business differently. Push marketing no longer works, instead, you need to develop relationships, offer value and market to your target audience in strategic ways that address their issues or solve their problems.

April shared a tip from her mentor that I think is brilliant “only go where you are celebrated, not tolerated.” WOW! What an insightful way to help us determine what we say “yes” to and what we say “no” to.

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April Morris Bio: “Your annual raise is fifty cents per hour”. Those words changed April Morris’ life forever. Determined to find a way out of a poverty-like lifestyle for her family, she began studying millionaires, attended seminars and read 80+ business books. She went from earning $6 per hour to Six Figures. This led her to leaving the security of a job and launching her first product- THINgloss® in 2008. Not having any money for marketing and advertising didn’t stop her. Instead, she created and launched a viral marketing campaign that attracted publicity, new customers and cash flow. Today, April is a popular speaker and Founder of the “Product Innovation Academy” where she teaches entrepreneurs innovation, viral marketing strategies & sales psychology.