Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Be And Give What You Wish to Receive

When I saw Rev. Patrick Cameron speak at Empowering Edmonton in November 2011, he said “you have to be what you wish to receive.”  If you want to receive support, give support. If you want to receive ideas, give ideas. If you want to receive acknowledgement, give acknowledgement.  I thought this was such a great quote and one that could really help take our conversations, courageous dialogue and team relationships to new levels of success.
For example, if you want to receive more trust… give trust.
If you want to receive more respect….give more respect.
If you want to receive more patience from others…show more patience.
In my presentations I always talk about “how you show up is everything’ and “make your moments matter”.  One way to make your moments matter and ensure you are showing up as your best version of YOU is to give and be what you want to receive from others.  Another way is to do the ASK. Let others know what it is you need, and ASK others how you can be of help or in service to them.   When you ASK, others can make an ASK of you! It creates a cycle of reciprocity much like the one created by being what you wish to receive.
I first started to learn about ASKing from Jack Canfield.  A great book to teach you about some of the principles to success, is The Success Principles, by my mentor Jack Canfield.
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