Thursday, April 19, 2012

You Asked!

I just love speaking and presenting. In the past few months I have presented a number of my Teamwork by Design workshops. This blog will be a little different, kind of a box of goodies, questions posed by the presentation attendees. Some of the questions and requests for additional information that have come up during these recent presentations are:
·         Resilience and not worrying
o   My friend Irene Martina taught me a great way to manage negative/self defeating thoughts… say “Cancel that!”
o   Write your worries down and prescribe yourself a daily worry time. Chance are when the worry time arrives, you have forgotten what you were going to worry about.
o   Focus on the Basics: get enough sleep, drink enough water (coffee doesn’t count as water), exercise, eat healthy, and get sunlight and fresh air.
o   Forgive your self
o   Choose to Let Stuff Go
o   Every day take time for you.

·         Toby- Toby was our dog, a great friend and our teacher. He is also the star of my book On Toby’s Terms (which is being turned into a major motion picture) and Toby The Pet Therapy Dog and His Hospital Friends. In honour of Toby’s life, we created a legacy project titled A Million Acts of Kindness – Toby’s Global Mission.  Visit for updates.  You can also check out his videos at

·         Tips to building teams
o   Build Trust – talk openly (compliment publically and criticize privately)
o   Resolve issues… conflicts don’t age well… resolve them early
o   Communicate (often, clearly)
o   Build relationships
o   Play to one another’s strengths

·         Succession Planning
o   Identify talent in the workplace
o   Meet with employees to better understand their career goals and aspirations
o   Create a Succession Planning Committee
o   Develop the succession plan and review it regularly

·         Becoming more adaptable- being adaptable and flexible is very important, especially in today’s workplace. Here are a few tips to increasing your adaptability factor:
o   Learn to let go of the need for perfectionism… instead focus on excellence
o   View change and challenge as an opportunity
o   Each day step out of your comfort zone