Monday, April 23, 2012

You Are Always Marketing!

Dave Albano, a marketing expert, said “you are always marketing”, in the slow times and busy times. But marketing also occurs through activities like building relationships, in fact, Albano said this is critical to business success! One example is the information you share at networking meetings, events and with potential customers.  About business cards. Some of the challenges I see, that drive me crazy with business cards are:

- The font is so small I have to get a magnifying glass to read the email or contact information.

- The contact information is in italics, which can be very hard to read when the font is too small.

- There is WAY too much information on the card.

Take a moment and pull out your business card. What does it say about you? Are you easy to do business with? What could be improved? Does it call people to action?

Dave Albano says it is critical for you to be easy to do business with. If your business card is confusing, missing information or makes it difficult to read the information, the assumption could be that you are not easy to works with.

A picture can really say 1000 words. Dave suggests having a picture on your card, and it doesn’t necessarily need to be your logo. It might be a picture that describes your business “why” Dave’s card has a photo of him on top of a mountain. He has climbed 7 summits and is married to his passion (his wife, and mountaineering). The card is compelling, simple and provides a call to action. Dave puts his website, so that people can go there and find out more, and on the site he offers a free strategy session. This approach helps bring Dave the right clients and customers for him.

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