Monday, April 23, 2012

Gossip Can Be Good

Shawne Duperon, six time Emmy Award winner, my media coach and friend...
an expert in gossip!
Gossip Can Be Good!

When you think of gossip, what comes to mind?  Rumours. Negative comments. Talking behind someone's back. Hurt feelings.  Often gossip gets a bad rap, it is seen as negative and harmful. Shawne Duperon brings us a different viewpoint to consider. She is a gossip expert and is doing her PhD on this very topic, gossip. During a webinar today Shawne shared that most gossip is not negative, like we assume it is and that positive gossip can make huge differences in business, and the lives of others.
Shawne gave some examples of how media has been a leader in sharing good news! And, in workplaces when people are champions for one another sharing good news, they are sharing good gossip. Their intent is pure and good.
A great example of good gossip is Project Forgive (check it out at So many people around the world got behind this project, and were sharing good gossip, creating an energy and excitement about the project. They became champions.
How can you spread good news, good gossip about others to help them with their cause?
How can you use good gossip with the right intent to make postiive change at work, and in your communiations with others? 
 YAY Shawne for sharing a new perspective on gossip!