Thursday, March 8, 2012

Insights to the tough choices and hard decisions

I just finished reading The Book of Hard Choices, and appreciated the many examples of the tough decisions in business. We can probably all relate to the tough decisions that keep us awake at night.

Autry talked about the four types of clients:

1) Reasonable and fair clients

2) Unpredictable and troublesome clients

3) Difficult and Demanding clients

4) Bullies

We have all probably dealt with several types of these clients. Autry discusses the challenging dilemma of dealing with these situations involving the more difficult clients, while maintaining your integrity and self respect.

He also talks about the importance of never being driven by fear in terms of making important decisions and to remember the long term impact of what we say and what we do.

I very much enjoyed the author's comments about living in the "learning zone" instead of the comfort zone. This was an insight that I think is most important for business. Complacency can smother a team's morale, productivity and success.

Autry's comments that life experiences and how you cope, shape you are is so true. It also provides hope that we can change the outcomes of situations by how we respond, and who we are being in those moments.

Finally, his examples of ensuring ground rules before agreeing to confidentiality were so well written, and so important. As a trainer, facilitator and former mediator, I witnessed firsthand the necessity for ground rules around communication and confidentiality.

A good read.

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