Thursday, March 15, 2012

How do you Pay It Forward?

One of my all time favorite movies is Pay It Forward, in fact I loved the book too. It helps us understand the importance and ongoing impact of paying it forward after a good deed, an act of kindness and service. For many years this has been my mantra, and approach to life and business, and it has served me well.

Several years ago, in February, Kindness Month, I had the opportunity to work with The Kindness Crew. Four friends from BC formed The Kindness Crew and toured the world after 911 extending Random Acts of Kindness, I met them in 2007 at the Wood Buffalo Expo. I watched firsthand how the concept of Pay it Forward resonated with the audience.

In business, in teams and customer service, there is a lot to be said about paying it forward. When your team extends patience, kindness, quality service, respect, trust, and integrity, it can create a ripples that extends far beyond the walls of your business.

February is kindness month. What can you do in your team to Pay It Forward?

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