Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Forgiveness at work….it’s for giving!

Sometimes people are tougher on themselves, than on anyone else.  This was part of the conversation I had with Marilyn Suttle and Shawne Duperon on my Conversations with Charmaine Radio Show. They both asked the question “how long before you forgive yourself?”

What a great question. In workplaces as a consultant and trainer I see it all the time. Someone hasn’t forgiven themselves for a mistake they made, it affects relationships and stops the person from moving forward. It can also stop the team from fast tracking to success. Another common example is someone made a mistake ten years ago….it still comes up frequently at staff meetings, when new ideas are posed or when something goes wrong.  The struggle to Let It Go can impact the ability to forgive, self and others.
My friend and media coach Shawne Duperon, six time Emmy Award winner is leading a movement that I believe will change the world, workplaces and communities for sure!  The initiative is called Project Forgive.  Here’s what the website says:  “Life happens. We lose our jobs, we face bankruptcy and foreclosure. Some of us are dealing with a divorce, others of us are facing life threatening illnesses such as cancer. Culturally, we see deep political fighting, immigration issues, war, despair and violence. In the face of all this, how can we find the courage to forgive and cause a new realm of possibility, a new conversation?”
This is a question for reflection. How can employees in teams find the courage to forgive their colleagues so the team can move towards their goals, better relationships, success?  What do you need to forgive yourself for to move forward?
Here are three tips to forgiveness that I learned a long time ago when I worked as a Correctional Officer (half a life time ago and these tips still help).
1.    Accept that we all make mistakes. Treat mistakes like a learning opportunity.
2.    Review and Learn. Ask yourself: What went well?  What was a challenge? What did I learn? And, what will I do differently?  This will help you move from blame to change.
3.    Start the conversation. If you make a mistake, own it, accept with grace and dignity, and move forward. As you move forward, so can others.
4.    And remember….Forgiveness is For Giving!
Be a part of the Project Forgive…. Back the movie…. Share your story….. share the project with friends…. Project Forgive is For Giving.

 Listen to the incredible Shawne Duperon and Marilyn Suttle here: