Sunday, February 19, 2012

Why Having an Skilled Emcee Creates Lasting Memories..and Success!

This week I launched my new radio show, Conversations with Charmaine, a very exciting day, as I had stepped into something new and accomplished a goal that had been brewing for the past year. My guest Seanna Collins offered incredible tips for business owners, communications staff and event planners about working with the media and hiring a skilled emcee for your next event!

SEANNA is a multi-faceted experienced broadcasting personality offering a variety of media talent services. She has a sterling reputation of being a person who “walks her talk” and can always be counted on to pull it all together. SEANNA’s television career includes hosting her own lifestyle programs, prime-time entertainment specials, live on-location broadcasts and numerous client commercials. She has also made cameo appearances playing the role of a TV reporter in Canadian movies and the primetime TV show “Fear Itself” for NBC and Lions Gate Entertainment out of Los Angeles.

Seanna and I spoke about the valuable role that a professional emcee plays in any corporate event including: setting the tone for the event, managing challenges (e.g. room temperature, instructions for silent auctions, a late speaker, etc.) with ease and grace, keeping the event flowing on time, to name a few. Seanna pointed out that it is often the emcee that guests at corporate events, weddings, assembly's ect. remember, so make sure the emcee is leaving a great impression.

We also spoke about the role of media and how many times small businesses and organizations fear publicity, however Seanna reminded listeners that the media can be an extremely effective tool to dispel rumours, shed light on an important community issue or event, to showcase the good news stories in the community, and to recognize those that are making a difference.

You can listen to Seannna's interview at Conversations with Charmaine: