Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Decisions, Decisions!

What would you do?  How would you handle this?  Would you say yes?  Do you think this will move us to success faster?
These are questions I get a lot from my clients.  Of course, the answers vary depending on each company's situation, circumstances, and staffing.  Personalities and corporate culture also play a role in this process.  So, to try and make the decision making process a bit easier, here are five questions to help you in your business decision making process:

  1. Does this serve me well/does it further my goal?   If the action you are considering is not related to your goals or does not serve you well, reflect on why you are even considering it.  What is driving you to consider this action?  What are the potential results of saying yes? No?  Usually if it doesn't serve you well and is not in alignment with your goals, it is not a course of action to choose.
  2. Does this generate revenue?  Keeping the business plan and profit in mind is essential to business and team success.  Finances and profit must be part of the business decision equation.  Sometimes your choices and actions will produce revenue directly, and sometimes it will be more indirectly.  However, prioritize with those decisions that put money in the bank first.
  3. Is it in line with our vision, values and strategic plan?  Double check your decisions, options and actions against your company and team vision, values, and strategic plan.  Is the decision and actions congruent to the vision and values?  Will your decision support the strategic plan or further it along?
  4. Who else do I need to include/ASK or engage?  Who else needs to be engaged for input, advise or decision making?  What questions do you need to ask and what research must be completed?  Who do you need to bring along with you?
  5. Is there another way to accomplish this (and if yes, what is it?)?  There are often many routes to the end goal.  Some more complicated than others.  When you are evaluating your choices, consider if there is a more direct, faster, smarter or cost effective way to accomplish your end goals.
Carefully considering important decisions can positively impact your end results.