Sunday, January 1, 2012

Quiet the Mind, Open the Heart

How fun to have my photo beside Lindsay Wagner! I was the opening guest on a radio show we both presented on. I must was awfully fun to be side by side, even though it was virtually, with the bionic woman, a show that I watched faithfully in my pre-teens years ago.

The bionic woman, Jamie Sommers, reminds us of the importance of listening. While on the show, Lindsay Wagner's character had amplified hearing in her right ear. We can be reminded of the importance of listening. I mean really listening. Another lesson is that of discerning what information is to be shared, and what is not. Often on the show Jamie would receive a message that said Top Secret...This information is classified. I find far too often information that should not be shared or divulged is communicated, and this can break trust, and certainly create other challenges in the workplace. Listening and knowing how to effectively manage the information we glean from listening is a critical skill in building and maintaining relationships.

Is there a relationship, work or personal, that you need to practice better listening with? Do something about it today! Make it a point to focus during conversations with that person and really listen to what they say. Set it as a goal to play a part in enhancing that relationship by by coming into the conversation prepared to be present!

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