Monday, October 24, 2011

Business Card Learnings

Is there a business card that stands out in your mind? Do you recall what is what about that card that made it stand out for you? We can learn a lot from a business card. It is usually the first representation we receive of a company. It can also make the business card a reflection of a business owner's branding. The card that you thought of before, have you ever told anyone about it? I once saw a business card that was so unusual you just had to ask its owner some questions about it. That unique card started a conversation and became a valuable conversational tool for the business owner.

The bottom line is that your business card is an important resource that can serve to enhance your company's presentation. But, it can also be a resource that serves no purpose at all. One of my pet peeves are cards that the type is too small to read. I once received a business card with such small print that I couldn't read the email address. I tried to enlarge the card on my computer, used a magnifying glass, even my reading glasses didn't help! Eventually, I called the person and asked for clarification. No one should have to go through this much trouble to decipher your contact information. What message could this send to the people that receive it? What does it say about what you might be like to do business with?

Business cards are not just contact information. They are your company's calling card. They are also that first impression you will never get the chance to make again. What impression is your card leaving with the people you are meeting right now? Be sure to let those people know you are considerate of their needs, professional and knowledgeable about your company's areas of expertise.

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