Tuesday, August 9, 2011

What pushes your “I Am STRESSED button?

If I were to ask, “What are some of the stressors in your life,” what would you tell me?

When I ask that question, I hear many things including stressors that have to do with relationships. Some examples might be when there are family or health problems at home. Or, when relationships are under pressure and they’re not meeting one another’s needs, along with disagreements or conflicts, unhealthy relationships, or children that are experiencing trouble in school.

Finances can also be a tremendous stressor, both at home and at work. At home, dealing with debt, money management, and our attitudes and perceptions about finances can be extremely stressful.

At work, we are coping with how to get the job done, not just with the limited time that we have, but also the limited resources and limited finances.

Time is often a stressor that I hear about, especially at work. The challenge is that we have the same amount of time available to us every single day – 24 hours. What becomes so important is how we manage our moments, how we make seconds count, and how we deal with the time we have in a working day.

This excerpt was taken from the Bounce Forward book I published in April 2011.
What stressors push your I Am Stressed Button? Part of coping with stress and bouncing forward is to first know what causes you stress.

It is easier to deal with the devils you know than those you don’t is the age old saying. The same is true for stress. When you are aware of what causes you stress, you will find that you can sometimes avoid what causes you stress, or find it easier to respond appropriately to the stress.

In the next blog I’ll share some tips on managing stress.
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