Monday, May 2, 2011

Creating “Stratospheric Business Success”...through giving!

I know, that caught your attention, didn’t it? Stratospheric success? Just how big is that? Stratospheric success is bigger than the biggest success you can imagine. This level of success touches, impacts and supports more people than you can imagine. That might not be the technical or dictionary definition but it is the way I see stratospheric success.

A couple of weeks ago I was at a business networking event and a businessman, Greg who is a successful life and business coach, handed me a book on CD. He said “Hope you enjoy this. It is the Go Giver book. One condition.... just pay it forward by giving it to someone else to listen to when you are done.”

On our drive from California to Sedona, Arizona for our book tour and speaking engagement, my husband Chris and I listened to the book. I was delighted to discover how closely aligned my thinking and values were to the concepts presented by the authors. Through a beautiful story you discover the five laws to stratospheric success.

The first is the law of value, to give more in value then you take in payment. When you give because you love to give, profitable outcomes begin to happen. The second law is about compensation- what we earn is determined by our impact and reach. The third law is about influence- putting other people’s interests first, and to stop keeping score. Law number four is about authenticity- recognizing that your most valuable commodity is you, and that you receive what you put out. If you want good relationships but communicate in a harsh manner, you may not achieve the level of relationships you desire. And the last law, which is so vital, is about receptivity. That giving also involves receiving.

We have seen these laws firsthand in our business although we had not read the book and didn’t know specifically that these strategies were some of the foundations to stratospheric success, but it was reassuring to know we were on the right track. Our business has always been operated from a place of giving and being full on in service. I have experienced on countless occasions that when you come from a place of giving, it always comes back to you. Giving is not about keeping score, you scratch my back I’ll scratch yours, or “you owe me”. It’s like this...if you want more influence, share your influence and be a strong connector. If you need more support, extend support to others.

I encourage you to find ways to give more, of your time, your wisdom, your support, listening, being a good friend, and by helping a stranger. Sometimes the best form of giving is the activities that cost nothing but create big impact.

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