Saturday, April 16, 2011


This week as we were enjoying strolling around Oceanside California, we came across a sign that said The I AM Temple. I found this so intriguing. My mentors have taught me the power of these two words—I AM.

They are powerful words because they ultimately define how you see the world, and shape your actions, and of course your results. For example, recently I heard some individuals in a coffee shop sharing their stories. One individual was making comments like “I AM so exhausted”, “I AM sick and tired of this snow and cold”, “I AM sick of being on a diet all the time”, “I AM worried about the new manager- I hope everything doesn’t change.”

Whereas the other person made comments such as “I AM so excited about vacation”, “I AM loving my son’s new teacher, he’s doing really well this year”, “I AM back at the gym again”. The difference between their “I AMs” was quite noticeable.

I couldn’t help but take note the difference in their presence. The first individual appeared tired, and her non verbal communication included eyeball rolls, lots of sighs and a very serious almost agitated demeanour. The second individual was expressive, smiling as she spoke, learning forward when she shared exciting news, and appeared relaxed and light.

It was a powerful reminder that these two words are powerful, and that we must carefully choose our I AMs because they shape our future, and out results. What I AMs are you giving off?

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