Sunday, January 9, 2011


RESPECT involves the action of giving respect, accepting respect, and of course earning respect.
As a former mediator, respect was probably the word I heard most from the participants in workplace mediation. “I don’t feel respected”, “If she respected me she wouldn’t have---“, “Why should I respect him?”, “A little respect would go a long way here”, these are an example of many similar phrases I heard. What was most interesting to me was to discover how different the definitions of respect are between people. Everyone seemed to want respect, everyone needs it, but I discovered that not everyone receives or extends respect.
Recently I read a great definition of respect in an article titled “Start Right…Stay Right: Every Employee's Straight-Talk Guide To Job Success” by Steve Ventura:

Recognize the inherent worth of all human beings.
Eliminate derogatory words and phrases from your vocabulary.
Speak with people – not at them…or about them.
Practice empathy. Walk awhile in others’ shoes.
Earn the respect of your coworkers through your behaviors.
Consider others’ feelings before speaking and acting.
Treat everyone with dignity and courtesy.

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