Friday, December 31, 2010

Do you get “IT”? A WOW Customer Service Experience

Some businesses get it, and some REALLY GET IT!
By “IT” I mean the customer service WOW experience. Rick and Martine work at the Sherwood Park Greyhound, and I was in line on a very busy day several days before Christmas. They made the line up wait more than bearable, in fact, they made it fun. Despite being run off their feet, they greeted every person who walked through the door with a sincere smile, made eye contact, and kept people in conversation. They seemed to be having fun. The energy created a ripple effect of positivism through the crowd. Then, the icing on the cake was when Rick coordinated all the children in the line to join in together to sing Away in a Manger. This was one of my Christmas highlights.
I was at the Greyhound for half an hour and I did not see one person shifting, sighing or shuffling or rolling their eyes or making comments about the wait. This is an example of a team that gets IT and customers left in a great frame of mind, which is a benefit for the staff in the business they will visit next. I will be following up with a shout out to Greyhound to acknowledge these staff, and to our community newspaper.

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