Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Are you thinking BIG enough?

The New Year is almost here. This is a great time to check in with belief systems and ensure that our beliefs, thoughts and expectations are producing success, not failure. When we limit expectations our results are limited, they match what we believe and our expectations.
Where you are right now in your life, and in business, really is where you actually believe you are. For example, if you are not resilient, or if your team is not resilient, you may believe you are not resilient. If you are not successful, it is likely you believe you are not successful. If you find yourself thinking small, you probably believe you can’t think any bigger.
How would you like to have a business that is profitable, balanced and fun? If you said “YES I WOULD” I say “wrong!” I would like you to have really profitable business with balance and supersized fun.
Okay, now I know for many people reading this some of these statements have already resulted in some thoughts:
- How much will that cost me
- Maybe I should start smaller
- Shouldn’t I focus on the work, not on having fun?
- I tried that before ---It didn’t work then
- I don’t have time

Each of these doubts can be overcome….
• Instead of worrying, of thinking about why something won’t work, turn it around. Use the time to think bigger and think of why something will work. Essentially you are turning the conversation from a problem focus to solution focus. Use your driving time to think bigger or waiting time to think bigger instead of being frustrated with traffic.
• Thinking bigger doesn’t necessarily cost more, in fact, sometimes when you think bigger, you creatively identify different ways to save money, partner or collaborate with others, and spend your time more wisely.
• If you think big, if it is just too tough to let your mind roam freely, you can always shrink your ideas back a bit but make sure you are not comfortable, as being comfortable probably means your thinking is back where it started.
• When you are having fun, you tend to be more productive, passionate and profitable.
Wishing you GREAT success in thinking big!

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