Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Resilience on the Run

How do you maintain your resilience on the run? Many of us feel like we are constantly on the run, going from one meeting to the next, doing more in less time, and juggling more priorities than we have energy for. If this describes your average day, learning to be resilient on the run may be one of the best things you do in what’s left of 2010.
Resilience is typically defined as the ability to bounce back after change, challenge, crisis and adversity. I have created a definition that has become our business brand, and that is, the ability to Bounce Forward! Bouncing forward means more than just surviving or recovering from life’s situations. Bouncing Forward is about building your resilience, and managing your resilience on the run.
Here are seven tips to staying resilient on the run:
1. Ensure you are drinking 6-8 glasses of water a day (note that tea and coffee do not equate to water). When you are nourished, your energy is higher and your mind functions more effectively. Many people get dehydration headaches from lack of water. Drinking water is an important daily habit.
2. Stretch and move more- for those of you sitting for extended periods of time at a computer it is important to stretch every 20 minutes or so. When your body feels tense, we often feel tense emotionally.
3. Keep healthy snacks available in the event you are late with a meal (as skipping meals would be another tip).
4. Create a sense of routine during your day. For example, begin each day the same way. Routine makes us feel like we have more control over our life.
5. Every day spend 15 minutes (at least) doing something you enjoy. This helps fill you up so you have more to give to others.
6. Focus on the positive, what is going right, what you have control or influence over, and what you are grateful for. This shift in thinking and mindset is an important approach in being resilient.
7. Don’t beat yourself up over mistakes, what you didn’t get done, or something you forgot to do. Instead, make a decision that you will fix, tackle or learn from it, and move on.
The more resilient you are on a day to day basis, the better able you are to handle the challenges that may come into your life. You will have more physical and mental energy and will find that you bounce forward, not back. The little daily steps make a big difference.
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