Thursday, August 19, 2010

Putting more WOW into your business and team

Tony Hsieh, author of Delivering Happiness- a path to profits, passion and purpose writes about Random Acts of WOWness. Tony is CEO of Zappos in the US, a very successful business man who has created a new and powerful way to be successful in business. I thought this was pretty interesting.
One approach he offered was waking up every day and seeking a way to make just 1% of difference. I know, some of you are thinking “why not make 20% difference!” Here’s the thing, and I completely agree with Tony on this. When you seek to make 1% difference each day, that is doable. You can make this level of difference without expending huge amounts of time and resource. But here’s the best part. If you make 1% difference each day, think about the ripple effect. That is 365% by the end of the year!
Asking his question to myself this morning “Charmaine, how can you make 1% difference today? Here’s what I set out to do. I cleared out my emails that made way more than 1% difference in my productivity. And, I deceived that I would write about some people who made a difference in my life, and let them know. The other day, the 1% difference was clearing my closet and taking the clothes I no longer wear to a charitable organization. I also committed to spending one hour helping someone else take their business to the next level or expanding their resilience factor.
How can you make 1% difference today?

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