Thursday, July 29, 2010

Everything has a time

As I was looking at our tree that is slowly dying from the top down, it reminded me that everything has a time. This tree has been on our property for about 25 years, which is apparently the typical life expectancy of these poplar trees.
I found my mind wandering how this analogy fits with business. In business there is a time for everything… there is a time to make changes, and a time change could be damaging. There is a time to be patient, and a time to boldly persist. There is also a time to try something new and a time to wait.
Have you ever tried to initiate something in your business before the world was ready for it? What about trying to keep something going (a product, service, etc.) that clearly had its day?
How do you stay on top of trends in your field of business? How do you ensure that you are beginning and ending at the appropriate time? The timing is perfect for something…what are you going to do now…because everything has a time?

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