Thursday, May 13, 2010

Snow in May brings new perspectives

Well on May 4, 2010 it was snowing in Alberta! That is one lesson I have learned from living in this province, winter can come at any time of the year, even during spring and summer. Life is like this as well, full of change which simply a disguised opportunity for growth and learning. When we approach change in that way instead of an irritation or catastrophe, it is likely we will deal with it in a more constructive and healthy manner. When the snow arrives in May, it makes me think that winter is not finished, just like in life situations arise telling us we are not done yet. What do you still need to learn about this situation that has arisen one more time?

Here are five tips for embracing life’s lessons as opportunities:

- Reframe your thoughts. Instead of saying “why does this always happen to me?” replace it with “what do I still need to learn about this?”

- Be open to change and learning. When you are not open, it is a form of resistance, and as long as you are resisting, it will feel like you are receiving resistance back.

- Adopt an attitude that change is a part of life. When you go through life with this attitude, it is less of a shock when change happens.

- Say “no” to being a victim to life’s circumstances. When we choose a victim attitude, it means that we avoid responsibility for our thoughts, actions and outcomes. Being a victim, generally results in blaming others.

- Focus on what you can control and influence and put the rest aside.

- Okay, one bonus tip- celebrate your successes and hang onto your wins, these will be the fuel to take you through the next change or learning…which is just around the corner.

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