Saturday, May 15, 2010

Reality Show -- What would yours be?

There are so many reality shows these days, and I must admit that there are a few I enjoy. If your life or business became a reality show, what would it tell others about you? What would you do differently and why?

If you were approached to have your life or business appear in a fishbowl for a reality show, I am certain five things would happen:

· You would START following through and doing the things you say you need to do

· You would STOP doing things you know are not helpful, productive or that don’t serve a purpose

· You would CHANGE habits that are not reflective of the person or team you wish to be seen as

· You would MAKE adjustments in your performance

· You would DO some fix ups, Re-Organize, De-Clutter

So why does it take a TV crew coming into your life or business to shake us up enough to make the change? Sometimes we work best when the stakes are high. Accountability helps you complete what needs to be accomplished but it also serves to protect you (and your business).

Here are three steps to being more accountable to yourself, your business and life.

· Use an effective and respectful process to identify undesirable behaviors and do something about it

· Be clear on your goal, and the required action. Develop a plan and make a commitment to the plan. Then, tell someone. We are less likely to break commitments when we have told others.

· Find an accountability partner.

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