Thursday, March 11, 2010

Setting Clear Boundaries Helps You Bounce Forward™

Eric Harvey states that without a road map and a clear understanding of the rules of the road, it can be much harder for employees to get where they need to go.

This is so true! Without a direction, boundaries and guidance, teams experience greater difficulty in achieving corporate goals. Employees who are connected to the corporate vision (direction), have guidelines and parameters (boundaries) that are clearly understood, and access to mentoring and support, will be more successful! Boundaries are about setting and clarifying expectations. They also help in strengthening resilience in a team. Setting boundaries requires us to become more comfortable with the little two letter word…NO.

Some tips on setting clear boundaries in the workplace:

· Ensure access to policies, producers, terms of reference, regulations, etc.

· Clarify “unwritten” or informal rules

· Don’t assume that just because boundaries are clear and understood by you, that everyone has the same understanding

· Communicate clearly (the what’s and the why’s)

· Don’t let personal feelings sidetrack you from setting and adhering to boundaries

· Model healthy work life harmony

· Build the skills of saying “no”

Bounce Forward™ with Charmaine, Building Resileint & Inspired Teams

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