Thursday, March 11, 2010

Keeping your head above water in busy times

In creating a resilient team, leaders are often seeking approaches to help team members work smarter and more effectively. By doing so, stress is reduced, focus is heightened and results are achieved. I frequently hear employees talking about how overwhelming email can become. When employees become overwhelmed, their bounce forward™ resilience button is tested. Here are some ways to help employees manage emails and files to keep their head above water and their resilience switch turned on.

Some time ago I heard the 4D method to keeping your emails organized:

· Delete it

· Do it

· Defer it

· Delegate it

This simple but effective approach is one way to keep you head above water and not be swimming in the overwhelming amount of emails sitting in your inbox.

An article I recently read suggested a new approach on the “D” method, related to task management. The article by Mary Ellen Tribby suggested that you:

· Ditch it- carefully assess each task. Determine if the task is really required or is it a “make work project”. If the task is not necessary and does not get you closer to your goals, you may consider ditching the task, or defer it.

· Delegate it- many tasks that come to our desk, can easily and effectively be completed by someone else. Don’t assume that everything that comes your way must be completed by you. Explore where you can appropriately delegate. Sometimes delegating a task allows you to mentor someone in their pursuit to advance their skill set.

· Dominate it- when you are working on tasks, give them your full attention and energy. This will help you complete tasks more efficiently.

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