Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Be yourself, everyone else is taken!

Charmaine with singer/songwriter Justine Hines

There are many people who have had said things that impacted my life in a significant way! While hosting a teleseminar with incredible singer-songwriter Justin Hines, he reminded the listeners about the importance of simply being yourself. His words coupled with his genuine and authentic personality brought me back to life changing conversation that happened in June 2009 in San Diego. After being at an incredible conference with author and international speaker, Lisa Nichols, I was returning the rental vehicle to Hertz. The gentleman who was assisting me saw the workshop binder in the trunk. He asked me if I was a speaker, and I replied yes. He then asked if I was an author, and again I replied yes. He engaged me in a thought provoking conversation about the professional speaking world, different activities to engage audiences, and about writing. He spoke about the importance of authenticity in speaking, and in life. I was intrigued by his knowledge and passion for this topic and queried this. Before he answered he told me “Just be yourself…everyone else is taken!” This statement stopped me in my tracks, and after a long moment of silence I could simply say Thank you! As we were parting he told me which world renowned speaker he had worked for in his career, before he retired.

From a very wise man… Be Yourself…Everyone Else is Taken!

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