Friday, October 4, 2013

Is Your Business Protected?

Dave Rodwell works as a Private Investigator, Security Consultant and Trainer. He has developed his investigation acumen and expertise over a span of 28 years of service with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. During those years he handled a multitude of criminal investigations and now as a consultant and trainer, he works with companies to step up their business security, which expands well beyond the physical security of a business. 

Corporate Security, is defined by Dave as the protection of the assets of a company. I had the pleasure of interviewing Dave Every year companies lose millions of dollars through preventable situations and events. This happens because many businesses don’t have practices in place to identify waste and loss, theft, inventory control, etc.   Dave explained that some of the common situations he sees are:

  •  Lack of training for employees to be safe, prevent theft and damage to property or equipment
  •   Unethical management of money and property
  •  Lack of systems such as inventory control, safety practices, etc.

Dave suggested that a very helpful question for business owners, and leaders to answer is:  How can this company protect it’s assets and people?

When Dave does security reviews, he assesses insurance plans, cash flow processes (the checks and balances and flow of ordering), hiring/supervision/firing processes, background checks on new employees, safety policies, physical security such as alarm systems, ensures staff participate in shoplifting prevention training, 

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