Thursday, March 7, 2013

Are you going to retire happy?

Do you have what it takes to retire happy?

 What does retiring happy look like for you?
“Retiring happy means something different to each person,” said Jim Yih, who is one of Canada’s leading experts on money, retirement, investing and personal finance. Jim was a guest on my radio show

 How much money do you need to retire? What are your thoughts? Jim encourages people to ask themselves this question, and to answer it you must really know what lifestyle you want to maintain during retirement to be happy, then you can determine how much you will need to sustain that way of living in retirement. 

Retiring happy is good for your health!

The good news is that we are living longer. The challenge? We need to be clear on what we foresee us doing in retirement and planning to have the resources to support that, otherwise we end up living in a way that impacts our health and overall happiness.  

Here's Jim's tips to help you retire happy.

Create your life plan... write a list of the activities you wish to continue or pursue in retirement, where you want to travel, any education you wish to take, where you want to live, etc. Jim also suggests that you create a everyday to do list. This is the list of what you will do each day in retirement. For example,do you wake up and enjoy a coffee on your front porch, or are you biking to the local coffee shop each day?  Each choice has a different cost attached to it to be considered in your planning.  

Jim also suggested a great question to consider in the coming day.  “If you left work today, what would you miss?” then write it down.  

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