Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Food That Increases Your Sales

Bouncing Forward and being resilient involves taking care of yourself involves a number of activities that promote health such as....
  • getting enough sleep
  • ensuring you get fresh air and sunlight
  • drinking enough water (I don't mean coffee)
  • exercise 
  • and of course eating healthy.  
Today's guest post is from Sheevaun Moran.  Thank you Sheevaun for sharing your tips on how certain foods can actually enhance your functioning.... and your sales.
Did you know that there are foods that keep you from having more abundance or money in your life? Did you know that eating some foods can help you be more stubborn, irritated, fearful, anxious and procrastinate. If you didn’t then read further.
There are many things we put into our bodies that create good and not so good reactions and when we begin to truly pay attention to these things is when we are humming at our best. The challenge is that we aren’t paying close enough attention to what goes into the mouth. I mean, we aren’t paying attention to the fact that what we put in our mouth and the reaction of runny nose, fearfulness, lethargy or upset stomach is all related to what was put into the mouth.
When you eat food that is cleaner, meaning without chemicals, and then you put a chemicalized food into your body the energy will dip and so do your finances. The body and the life actually give you signals. There are no exceptions to this. Chemicals in the food result in the body being puffy the next day or feeling drugged.
High vibration foods are any foods that are living and organic. I mean that eating salads is good, eating fruit is good AND eating a good combination of both is ideal. It can be challenging to start to incorporate greens into the meals but the easiest way I’ve found, and recommended to thousands, is taking a supergreen. This is a blend of greens that you put into an apple juice so that you can handle the reaction that your brain may have. Then, as you gain more confidence with this you can begin adding greens in various ways – juicing and experimenting with adding different greens than you’ve been accustomed to such as kale, wheatgrass, sea greens, basil, etc.
For more on foods and attracting wealth into your life click here.
I have a client who ate completely organic food and incorporated 50% more greens and added a dose of supergreens and his company sales grew by 20%. I’ve seen this with other people in real estate and sales. Prove it to yourself by trying this for 10 days and see what happens for you. Let me know your results.
Sheevaun Moran is an author, keynote speaker, transformation expert and uses energy to help CEO’s and entrepreneurs achieve their dreams and goals. Fifteen years and thousands of clients are out there living their dreams as a result of Sheevaun’s work. She can be found at

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