Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Resolutions to Ramp Up Your Non Profit Fundraising Plan

Over the years I have worked a great deal with non profit organizations facilitating training programs, facilitating team building sessions, and developing their leadership teams. It is exciting to see some of the advancements and successes my non profit clients have experienced in their teams. 

 One of the challenges for many non profit organizations is finding the time and resources to build effective strategic plans, and annual fundraising strategies and plans. Hubspot posted a great article about resolutions for 2013 for your fundraising plan, which was written with non profit organizations in mind, however I think that many of their tips are great advice for any business or entrepreneur building their 2013 plan.


Their suggestions include that non profit organizations commit to:

a) one email per month
b) to incorporate Facebook into the next fundraising initiative
c) to blog
d) optimize website navigation

You can read more about Hubspot's suggestions here:


As you move forward in 2013, here are three tips to help you build your fundraising and strategic plan:

  1. Consider contracting a facilitator to help your organization in the planning process. Hiring an external facilitator can advance the work of the team and provide additional support and guidance leading teams through challenging discussions.  
  2. Engage your team in building the plan. Welcome new ideas and innovative ways of conducting fundraising programs.
  3. Explore partnerships and collaborations with corporations, buiding corporate relationships is an essential aspect of any non profit organization's success.
  4. Learn the "rules" of sponsorship and social media etiquette.
  5. Build the plan. Document the Plan. Work the Plan. Review the Plan
Wishing you a great 2013. 

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