Monday, September 3, 2012

Is Your Marketing Reaching the Consumer?

Women drive 80% of the purchasing decisions.

How is your marketing reaching this audience? That is the 20 trillion dollar question!

Have you taken a close look at your branding and marketing to assess how your message is landing?

Ayesha Mathew- Wadhwa is the founder of PixInk - a design micro-agency that services a macro niche- that niche is marketing to women. Women drive 80% of the purchasing decisions.

Ayesha Mathews-Wadhwa is an expert at helping businesses ensure their branding and marketing messages are compelling, create powerful experiences, and that it reaches the audience! She was also my guest on the Corporate Conversations with Charmaine Radio show, and what a conversation it was! Her company, PixInk is based in San Francisco but really is a global business, and has served Apple, Facebook, Oracle, Cat Footwear, Riverbed, Camel, Sephora and Picaboo, amongst many others. You can learn more about Ayesha, and PixInk at:

Ayesha reminds business owners and leaders that the female economy is not a niche market, rather, it is a complex market, and those businesses who get it, will excel. Companies who engage their consumers, and target audience in an authentic manner will not only build relationships, and loyal customers, they will create marketing platforms and campaigns that work and deliver results.

There are many ways to engage your customers, and explore what marketing works for women:

- Panels

- Surveys

- Focus groups

- Ask for feedback

- Test and trial runs

Ayesha also recommends video, in fact, video is an excellent way to demonstrate your authenticity, keep people engaged, and start conversations and connections. Video helps bring your brand and message to life.

- Tell a story

- Ensure the video is emotive

- Do not create a video that feels scripted or orchestrated…. Make sure it looks and feels authentic

- Music really helps

When you reach the audience, understand what and why they buy your product or service, connect with them in an authentic way, you give them reason to talk about you. In essence, you create a loyal customer base.

On the interview recording (you can listen here):


- Authenticity matters

- Create an experience

- Use video to tell (and show) a story

- Ask customers what they want, what the strengths and downfalls of your product or service are, and what they really want and need.

You can listen to the conversation with Ayesha here:

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