Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Your Pet - A Lifelong Friend

When Toby and I would travel north America sharing his story, we would often talk with children about how we became Toby’s forever family. This often opened up a dialogue about pet adoption, we got to hear so many heartwarming stories.  I am really enjoying hosting my own pet related radio show PAWsitive Radio!  It was our dog Toby, the star of my books On Toby’s Terms, and Toby The Pet therapy Dog, that inspired me to keep the conversations going.
My recent guest Craig Haverstick met in California at a Pet Expo. His dog Stanley could have passed for Toby’s brother. Toby and Stanley had the chance to play and surf together at Dog Beach in Del Mar California, and it was Craig who taught Toby how to surf. 
Craig spent 20 years in the Navy traveling the world. He now works as an environmental specialist at various military bases. He became involved with dogs after adopting Stanley, his first dog since childhood. He never dreamed that having a dog could be such a wild adventure. Craig volunteers as a foster home with the Chesapeake Bay Retriever Relief and Rescue (http://www.cbrrescue.org/default.asp).   Since Stanley entered his life he has been involved with 2 Rose Parades, featured on the Outdoor Channel TV series "Logs & Dogs DockDogs World Championships for 2 years (with a world champion Chesapeake named Henry), inducted into the DockDogs Hall of Fame (2010), and many other numerous adventures.  Stanley's rescue story can be found at:
Having Craig on my PAWSitive radio show was great, we chatted about some very important topics:
-       Animal rescue and adoption- ways to make your pet a forever member of your family or as Craig said “a lifelong family member”
  •        Know the Breed before you adopt
  •        Responsible pet ownership- reach out and ask for help (e.g. with behavior issues)
  •       Find ways for your family to support local pet organizations and rescues (e.g. donations, volunteer walkers, etc.)
  •        The importance of pets having a job. Our Toby volunteered as a Pet Assisted Therapy dog at a local hospital, it had a profound (positive) effect on his behavior and gave Toby and I a purpose together.

You can listen to the interview with Craig at:  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/chammond/2012/03/17/guest-craig-haverstick
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