Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Don’t Quit…You are almost there!

Far too often I see individuals and teams quit (a project, solving an issue, building a team) when they are almost at the finish line. Giving up certainly impacts your ability to Bounce Forward and be more resilient. I frequently saw team members who had given up on trying solving an issue just before they resolved it. Or, they compromised too early, as a solution instead of working a little harder to really resolve the challenge and move beyond it. People also give up on their goals. With the new year approaching, and knowing that individuals and businesses often set next year goals, I wanted to share a few thoughts about persistence and sticking with it to the finish line. I recently had the opportunity to hear an incredible speaker, Warren MacDonald talk about finding opportunity in adversity and succeeding through change. This gentleman modeled resilience in the face of fear, and is a great example of a person I believe has Bounced Forward™.

11 years ago Warren set out on a backpacking trip to Hinchinbrook Island, off the northeast coast of Australia and this day would change his life forever. During his climb to the summit of the islands tallest peak, he became trapped beneath a one-ton boulder in a freak rock fall. “Warren’s “test of will” lasted two days before a helicopter arrived, and he was rescued. The accident would cost him the loss of both legs, amputated at mid thigh” (credit Warren MacDonald website). Since Warren’s rescue he has been climbing mountains, ice climbing and inspiring millions around the world with his story, and powerful lessons of courage, perception, overcoming obstacles, and not giving up.

Warren shares a similar belief as me, the way you see something is everything. I have often said in my presentations, that sometimes it is the way we look at a situation or perceive a problem is in fact the problem. Warren reminds us to pay close attention to how we perceive a situation, because how you look at an obstacle determines how you move through it, or around it.

As you move forward into a brand new year, take a close look at your goals, you may be much closer to success than you think. If your perception is stopping you, take time to change your perception and create a different plan to bounce forward. In my latest book, Bounce Forward, I also talk about the importance of taking daily action towards your resilience. The more resilient you are, the better able you are to cope with life’s challenges.

To find out more about my incredible friend Warren MacDonald, please visit his website at:

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