Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Out of the Mouths of Babes

Yesterday was a wonderful day and tomorrow promises to be just as great. South Oceanside school invited Toby and I to present at their school. We arrived there yesterday to the applause and shouts of 500 kindergarten to grade 6 students.

Of course, they loved Toby and all the lessons he teaches us about kindness, friendship, patience and literacy. It took a little while to get him fully settled down. He seemed to want to say hello to each and every student personally but, that is our Toby. The students couldn't get enough of Toby PAWdographing his books. We love that South Oceanside has asked us to partner with them to fundraise for their library. Tomorrow we will be at the Oceanside Barns & Noble on Vista Way. The store will be donating a portion of the proceeds from the book sales to the school. How wonderful is that?! The students are very excited to come to the store and see some more PAWdographing and introduce their families to Toby.

I love doing these school presentations. It is always so inspiring to see the ambition of the younger generations. When I asked how many of the students at South Oceanside would like to write a book about 75% of them put up their hands. Then, to make the day even more wonderful, a little girl told us, "I love Toby. I want to do good stuff like he does for the world." Those moments make it all so worth while. I wonder what moments we are going to have tomorrow at the Barns & Noble fundraiser...

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