Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Changing the World One Song at a Time!

What role has music played in your life? Do you have songs that provide you with courage and inspiration? Perhaps you have a “theme song.” I grew up in a musical family, and have many heartwarming memories of how music has brought people together. In the 80’s I owned a Jeep and enjoyed many hot summer days driving around in the Jeep listening to my favorite tunes and feeling a sense of freedom.
Even now, I notice how music can connect people, inspire action and evoke emotion in a powerful way. My friend Justin Hines is a beautiful songwriter and talented musician. His music is inspirational and transformational, in fact, I recall the first time I heard Justin’s song Say What You Will. I was in my friend’s store and his music stopped me dead in my tracks. It was shortly after that we became friends.
Justin’s song has now been remixed, the South Africa Journey, and includes beautiful messages of hope, peace, and change. I hope you enjoy this video and song as much as we do in our family. Please share with others, as it is our belief that there are many ways to make a difference in the world! You can change the world one song and one message at a time!

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