Tuesday, October 12, 2010

VP of First Impressions

While visiting a local business I was most impressed by the sign on the reception counter. The name plate said VP of First Impressions. The lovely employee behind the counter matched the sign with both her customer service skills and authenticity. I found myself thinking that this business “got it!” This business knew the important role that this person played in the business, and let customers know this. As you can imagine, my first impression of this business was extremely favorable.
After facilitating workplace violence prevention training for many years to many customer service representatives, municipal employees and other industry staff, I have learned that often it is the first face in the business that takes the brunt from agitated or dissatisfied customers. The receptionist, administrative assistant or front desk representative is often the first face that an angry or dissatisfied customer sees.
With small business week before us, please take a moment to recognize the staff in your business who are the VP of First Impressions!

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