Friday, August 20, 2010

Building your dream team!

In the May 2010 Profit Magazine, Chris Hutchinson wrote an article titled How to Build a Super Staff (4 simple strategies that turned good employees into great employers-with financial results to match). Chris suggested that employers bring their employees into the loop through active communication. When employees are in the loop, it minimizes inaccurate assumptions, engages their participation and reduces the time on internal communications, while increasing efficiency at the same time.
Another strategy is one that we see organizations use in their recognition programs- “you were caught doing something great”, or as Hutchinson calls it, catching employees in the act of greatness. This could include personalized emails, certificates and other forms of acknowledgement. Hutchinson also suggests employers exploit the power of pride in the organization. Strategy number four is encouragement for employers to unleash employee’s inner entrepreneur. Employees often have hidden talents that can be of great benefit to the business but also ignite employees to pursue innovation, creativity and working with more passion and purpose. Now is the time to explore how you can build your own super staff.
Here are a few approaches I have seen some of my clients implement:
• Cascading messages and communications
• Featuring staff or interviews with staff in company newsletters so team members learn more about one another and communication is fostered
• Celebrate accomplishments. One company held a lunch every quarter and celebrated projects completed, people passing probationary periods, great ideas that have been put into action, millstones, etc.
• Employee forums several times yearly
• Share a talent day

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