Monday, August 30, 2010

Are you as creative as a first grader?

While sitting in the airport awaiting my flight home from Dallas to Edmonton, I was amused by two young children, likely around ages 4 and 6. They were dancing to the different ring tunes on their father’s cell phone. Scrolling through the different ring tunes, the two danced and snapped their fingers to the music, changing their dance each time a new ring tune sound rang through the cell phone. Their creative way to occupy themselves encouraged me to reflect upon how I stay creative in environments where creativity is not inspired. And so refreshing to see them dancing like no one was watching (as the saying goes). What are you doing to find inspiration and creativity in unsuspected places?
Here are five tips to creativity:
• When something captures your attention, be present. Allow your mind to enjoy what you see.
• Think without borders. When we were children we often worked hard at keeping our coloring within the lines. Being creative can also invite going out of the lines, or thinking without borders?
• Think like a first grader, they are unconditionally curious. Be curious.
• Think big then stretch the thought again.
• Step out of what is typical for you. When you stretch out of your comfort zone, while uncomfortable, it means you are growing.
• Bonus Tip: Have fun!

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