Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Sink your teeth (or talons) into something GOOD

Last year, Christopher got this great picture of a hawk on the mast of our sailboat. From watching this hawk, Christopher said “it’s just waiting to sink it’s talons into something.” What is it that you are exciting about sinking your talons (or teeth as the saying goes) into this year? We are more than half way through 2010 which means, time is ticking quickly to accomplish those BHADs (big hair audacious goals). Be like the hawk… be still and watch. Be still and wait... and when you are prepared and have your goal clearly in sight, dive into it. Hawks do not procrastinate when they are at the top of their mast (like being at the top of your game), they skillfully apply action.
Wishing you a “top of the mast” week!

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