Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Why does this always happen to me?

We have likely all wondered or said “why does this always happen to me?” at some point in our life.
Perhaps situations re-appear because we haven’t learned the lesson. It is my belief that things show up in our life (at home and work) because there is a lesson to learn and to test our resilience. I have noticed that once I have learned the lesson, similar situations do not cause me distress; rather I step into it with ease and resolve the situation confidently because the resilience test was passed.
Take a few moments to reflect upon situations that seem to frequently show up for you. What is the lesson to be learned? What is the similarity with these situations? What advice would you give someone else? Have you taken your own advice yet?
What are three actions you can take to be resilient next time this or a similar situation comes back to test your resilience?

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