Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Thoughts are more powerful than we may know

Our thoughts play a big role in both personal and business resilience. Our thought patterns can have impact on how well we bounce forward through crisis, change, challenge and conflict.
Research indicates that we have about 60,000 thoughts each day, no wonder we are tired at bed time. That is a large number, what is most surprising is that the majority of the thoughts we think, unless we are highly alert and present, are negative and self defeating type thoughts. Our thoughts jump around from one subject to another. We can probably all relate to how difficult it is to stop the mental tape from playing over and over again in our mind. Think about a time you made a less than favorable decision, didn’t word your perspective in a constructive manner or perhaps a conflict was not well managed. How much time did you spend playing the tape over and over again?
Managing our thoughts requires us to be alert, present and mindful. This means we must be mindful of not only what we are thinking but also what we are doing. Being mindful not only helps us remain resilient, it helps us communicate effectively and bounce forward through difficult times.
What are you doing to practice mindfulness?

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